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C Y B E R S C O P E S: Your horoscope for November 2021

Scorpio season is here to bring intensity and passion into your life.


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Posted on Nov 2, 2021   Updated on Nov 3, 2021, 7:04 am CDT

Are you ready to go into the depths of darkness to undergo a transformation? Scorpio season is here to bring intensity and passion into your life.

Mercury retrograde in Libra was a doozy. Miscommunication during the season of friendliness and Venus vibes caused confusion for many folks. Now that multiple retrograde planets have gone direct, you can breathe a little easier. And things might get steamy! Scorpio’s stinger brings about sexual intensity and raw glamour.


Ruled by Mars and Pluto, the Scorpio archetype is associated with death, intensity, sex, and taboo. The etymology of taboo (a custom forbidding the discussion of a particular behavior, person, place, or thing) originates from the Polynesian language meaning “forbidden” and “cursed” as well as “sacred,” “holy,” and “devoted.” 

Why does a word associated with Scorpio have such opposing definitions? Sex is considered taboo, as it is sacred for some and unholy for others. In tarot, Scorpio is associated with the death card. Death in many cultures symbolizes the end of one cycle and the beginning of something new. This is where transformation occurs. Metamorphosis does not happen without the death of the current state.

This month, try meditating on these questions:

  • What part of your life is due for a transformation?
  • What are you willing to end in order to bring about a new beginning?
  • What unadulterated truth are you preventing yourself from seeing, and why are you avoiding it?
  • What sparks your passion?

On Nov. 4, the new moon joins the sun in Scorpio. Use this energy to ritualize intentions related to these themes:

  • Reigniting passion where it’s needed in your life. Have you been too busy or occupied to melt with your partner or get back in the dating game? Is your hobby collecting dust? Do you want to get back into school? Put on your sexiest fit, light a red candle, and reignite the spark in your life. This could look like mood lights in the bedroom to seduce your partner, re-activating that dating app, picking up an unfinished project, or signing up for some classes. 
  • Death to the old to bring in the new. What are you willing to give up to write that book? Finish school? Experience emotional comfort? Be more disciplined? This new moon is a chance to bring death that can open new pathways.

A partial lunar eclipse in Taurus kicks off the eclipse season on Nov. 19. The hard-working cosmic bull invites us to materialize our new moon intentions. Don’t rush through the work that you’re passionate about. Passion is a slow and steady burn. Let it guide your transformative Scorpio season!

Please note: These horoscopes, like memes, are meant to add fun and color to your month. Take what feels good to you, leave what doesn’t.


This month, spend time deepening the connections, practices, and commitments you’ve established during Libra season, Aries. Your Mars sibling, Scorpio, invites you to enter its dark caves and explore opportunities for transformation. What needs to “die” in order to usher new beginnings in how you interact with money, your home, your relationships, and most of all yourself? What things used to work well for you, but are now obsolete? Try reaching out to your most dependable connections for comfort, security, and honest feedback while you navigate the shadowy realms of the self. Mars is the planet of action, so one may assume this is a time to make moves, but observing and planning are actions, as well.


You spent Libra season finding equilibrium, observing where you’re spending unreciprocated energy and reallocating it where it’s needed and deserved. Now that you’re a bit more oriented, Taurus, the cosmic Scorpion challenges you to focus on your intimate, casual, and work relationships. Strengthen your commitment to the relationships you value. What does deepening your commitment to your significant other look like? Your friendships? Your cohorts? Devotion requires sacrificing the parts of yourself held back out of fear, rejection, or shame. Take steps towards deepening these relationships during the full moon in your sign on Nov. 19.


Last month challenged you to prioritize the important things in life. Now the watery Scorpion urges you to dive deep and harnesses the power of positive adjustments in your routines. Practicing shadow work as the days get shorter can help you slow down and listen to what your body is telling you. What is dying within and around you to make room for your growth? What tools were once dependable but now just rusty and blunt? During the new moon on Nov. 4, cut away the dead overgrowth, and use it as the compost to make your new flowers grow.


As the sun sets earlier and temperatures fall, your fellow water sign urges you to spend less time outside and more time within. Scorpios are ruled by the fiery planet Mars, and water and fire make steam, so you might find yourself in either the bedroom or the art studio creating magic. The theme for you this season is pleasure. What brings your mind, body, and spirit pleasure? It’s important to remember that not all pleasure is immediate. Instant gratification floods the brain with dopamine, but sometimes real satisfaction requires transformation.


You spent last month going out, expanding your mind with new information, and finding a healthy balance between taking up space and making room for others. This new season of darkness and transformation encourages you to dig below the surface and rediscover your roots. As nights grow longer, the veil between this world and the spiritual realm thins. Find wisdom by connecting to those who came before you. During the new moon on Nov. 4, create an altar, light a candle, and fill a cup of libation or water as an offering for them. They’re waiting for you.


Libra season challenged you to find equilibrium in the areas of mental and physical health. This season, ruled by the cosmic Scorpion, puts a spotlight on how you communicate, think, and your relationship with your siblings and neighbors. With the help of shadow work, observe how you communicate your thoughts and feelings versus how it is received. Your intentions may not be aligned with how you impact others. As a child of the planet Mercury, “think fast” is an axiom you live by, but this is the season of deep transformation. Slowing down to learn how your communication affects others is imperative to your growth.


During your solar return last month, you reflected on the balance between expressing yourself fully and the impression you give to the world. As the days shorten and the darkness creeps up, this Scorpio season invites you to bring about transformation within the earthly realm. This means money, material possessions, and the things you value. What does it mean for you to live a wealthy life? Wealth doesn’t necessarily mean an abundance of money, but it is having an abundance of that which you value. So what do you most value in this world, Libra? What kind of transformation is required to receive this abundance? 


Happy solar return, Scorpio! Last month, Libra season challenged you to balance work and home life. Now that you’ve gained some footing, it’s time to focus on long-term transformation of the self. It’s time to let the ghosts out of your closet, rake up dead leaves, and create an altar for your rebirth. Let your past self be laid to rest—you’ve learned all you can from them. This season of darkness urges you to shine a light on your shadows. The uncomfortable truths you’ve ignored are treasures that can transform you. Sometimes medicine is in the poison.



Libra season brought on some relief for you as you completed major project milestones that you promptly celebrated through socializing, self-care, and much-needed sleep. Good thing you’re well-rested, Archer, because the season of transformation asks you to grab a torch and explore the deep caverns of your subconscious. This month, there is a pressing need to bring what’s weak, hidden, or undeveloped in the psyche into clearer focus. In doing so, transformation occurs, unlocking your potential hidden in the shadows. Growth requires the breakdown of existing patterns, which can sometimes be painful. But remember, dear Archer, not everything that hurts is bad.


This month, Scorpio wants you to focus on your hopes and wishes for the collective. In medieval culture, the hope of an equal community was relegated to a wish. But the modern world is full of potential, a world we can win. Communities are necessary to provide new perspectives that lead to growth. For this reason, you may feel uncomfortable as a highly independent person. But radical change in yourself and society is never accomplished alone, dear Capricorn. Let the season of transformation break down your barriers as you find a community to help you and the world change for the better.


This month, the cosmic Scorpion is inviting you to focus on work. This means career, community work, and any sort of labor you do that the public sees. Scorpio’s placement in relation to you is where you periodically tear down, destroy, or alter existing circumstances in order to create new ones. Think of it like the ashes where the phoenix is born of. In terms of career, if it’s not deeply engaging, meaningful, and exciting, it is death. What could come from your old work’s ashes, Aquarius?



This Scorpio season, allow yourself to be transformed by the places you travel to and the things you learn on your journey. Imagine an archeologist with a headlamp revealing the stunning architecture of an old temple or an astronaut looking out the window of their ship, peering into the dark and seeing the earth illuminated for the very first time. We can read all the books, explore new places, and learn ancient wisdom, but if we aren’t opening ourselves up to be transformed, we are merely a collector of experiences. There is magic in the mundane, Pisces.

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*First Published: Nov 2, 2021, 6:00 am CDT