Walmart customers with caption ' To all the people that believed our store was 50% of cus we closing down' (l) Walmart building with sign and blue sky (c) Walmart customers with caption ' To all the people that believed our store was 50% of cus we closing down' (r)

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‘Wouldn’t there be like a sign somewhere saying that?’: Customers flock to Walmart believing it’s having a 50% off sale. It’s not

'Returns finna be crazy.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Feb 15, 2023

In a viral clip, Walmart employee and TikTok user Shaee Monaee (@shaeethag) showed the throng of shoppers who flocked to her store because they believed there was a 50% off liquidation sale.

Monaee’s store wasn’t having any such sale, but that didn’t stop customers from showing up and expecting one.

In the video, Monaee showed customers waiting in checkout lines at her “over packed” store. She also showed food shelves that had been cleared out, and carts full of items that had been abandoned near the checkout line.

The video was set to a remix of “Hot Dog!” by They Might Be Giants. Rather than “hot dog,” the song said “dumb bitch” in what seems to be a dig at customers who were upset that the Walmart location wasn’t offering a half-off promotion.

“To all the people that believed our store was 50% [off] cus we closing down,” Monaee wrote in a text overlay.

@shaeethag This is so funny bro 😭😭 the store over packed they took all the food and nothing 50% off 😭😭 all three people mad asl 🤡 * IM OFF THE CLOCK* #fyp #closingwalmarts #shaeemonaee #walmart ♬ Dumb B – Ranvision

So, if there was no sale, how did the rumor start? It seems as though it started with another of Monaee’s videos.

“I wanna go to a store with everything 50% off,” Monaee wrote in the text overlay. She accompanied the text by lip-syncing to audio of cheerleaders saying, “We got what you looking for,” while she danced in her Walmart uniform in the clothing section of her store.

Though the TikToker clarified in the caption that she was “just playing” and everything was still full price, it seems that not everyone got the memo.

@shaeethag We going outta business come on down 😭😭😭I’m just playing everything still full price #fyp #closingwalmarts #shaeemonaee #walmart ♬ original sound – Coach

According to Monaee, a number of customers came into the store and loaded up their carts, expecting to receive large discounts. The TikToker even recorded one customer’s tissue haul, which, according to a text overlay, was influenced by the shopper’s belief that they’d be receiving each package of tissues for $3 a piece.

@shaeethag Replying to @dae.milanoo BRO YALL KILLING MEEE😂😂😂😂😂😂 #shaeemonaee #fyp #closingwalmarts ♬ Dumb B – Ranvision

In the comments section, viewers had a variety of different responses to the video. Some expressed that they didn’t feel sympathy for the shoppers because they did not confirm that there was a sale before filling up their carts.

“They should’ve scanned it in the app to see the prices that they fault,” one user commented.

“Every time a Walmart closes [down] I see the everything is 50% off post on Facebook. Lol they don’t be verifying information they see online,” a second shared.

“Bro why don’t people ask the workers first . They just assume,” another wrote.

Others felt bad for the employees who would have to put away all the items that customers left behind or potentially returned when they realized the items were not on sale.


“Returns finna be crazy,” another commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Monaee via TikTok comment and Walmart via email for further information.

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*First Published: Feb 15, 2023, 4:41 pm CST