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After motorboating controversy, women cop a feel for prostate cancer

The three women raised $700 and scored a viral video in the process. 


Gaby Dunn


In response to the controversial Simple Pickup video where a trio of bros “motorboated” women on the street to raise money for breast cancer research, a French hand sanitizer company’s released its own spin: cupping balls for prostate cancer.

Merci Handy had three young women take to the streets of Paris to cup men’s balls for a YouTube video. Each touch raised 10 euros for the cause.

This month is commonly known online as Movember. It’s a movement where people grow out their mustaches (or legs for No-Shave November, to raise aware about prostate cancer. The girls in the video raised $700 U.S. to that end, and they reached a lot of people in the process.

Feels a bit uneven still, doesn’t it? I hardly think having three pretty ladies cupping balls—on the outside of clothing no less—is equivalent to dudes putting their mouths on women’s cleavage, even if there’s consent for both parties. It’s degrading, reducing women to mere objects. It’s small wonder the Breast Cancer Research Foundation refunded Simple Pickup’s donation.  

But’s a moot point. We could all just stop copping feels for money and throwing it up on YouTube. I’m ready for this gross trend to end.

Screengrab via YouTube

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