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‘The man spent a whole $1.50 and he doesn’t have raw onions!’: Customer yells at Costco employee over removal of community raw onions

‘I feel his pain. I miss the community onions.’


Lauren Castro


In a viral video with over 2.3 million views, the established TikTok account of Old Jewish Men (@oldjewishmen) shared their newest complaint: no raw onions at the Costco hot dog bar.

@Costco we’ve noticed and we’re taking action,” the caption read.

The older man walked up to the Costco counter to ask about his beloved raw onions that were missing as a topping. 

“How do you expect me to eat this [without] onions?” he asks. The Costco employee informed the older man that they haven’t had the raw onions out since the pandemic occurred. 

“How do you expect me to eat this then? I mean really,” he emphasized.

After a few exchanges of unintelligible words between the employee and the man, he eventually walked away.

“They can’t be serious,” he says at the end of the video. 

@oldjewishmen @Costco ♬ original sound – oldjewishmen

In the comments section, users understood the older man’s complaints.

“I feel his pain. I miss the community onions,” one user agreed.

“I mean c’mon Costco. The man spent a whole $1.50 and he doesn’t have raw onions!” another said.

“I totally agree with you grandpa!” a third user commented.

The Old Jewish Men account is dedicated to sharing complaints and hot takes that represent the Jewish community.

The Daily Dot reached out to @oldjewishmen and Costco via email.

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