Internet sensation Colonel Meow has passed away

It’s a sad day for fans of Colonel Meow: The Internet sensation passed away yesterday evening, according to his Facebook page.

The ever-scowling Colonel Meow, who lovingly referred to his fans as “minions,” had been hospitalized in November, and the Internet rallied around him as he and his owners anguished over his health. He’d had surgery, a blood transfusion, and there was the possibility of heart failure. Fans raised $20,000 to cover his vet bills.

Still, Colonel’s YouTube page kept us abreast of his activities, like his love-hate relationship with boxes, and his New Year’s resolutions. Of all the Internet-famous cats, Colonel Meow best embodied the belief that cats are superior to humans, and that we live by their rules.



Back in 2012, we interviewed Meow’s personal minion, Anne Marie Avery, who explained why she decided to showcase her cat’s personality on the Internet:

“I’d be doing laundry or cooking, suddenly look at him, and I would laugh out loud for no reason.”

Condolences have been pouring in to his Facebook page since the announcement this afternoon. Rest assured, Colonel Meow is throwing shade wherever he is now.


Screengrab via Colonel Meow/YouTube


Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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