Let’s imagine what Celine Dion’s lifestyle brand would be like

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Following in the footsteps of many beautiful celebrities before her, Celine Dion is reportedly launching her own lifestyle brand. According to Billboard, the brand will roll out in fall 2017 and will include home goods, activewear, beauty products, and more.

“This is a very organized, very well thought out program,” Dell Furano, CEO of Dion’s partner company Epic Rights, told Billboard. “And what makes this unique from [other artist programs] is simple: it is Celine herself.” 

So, just what does Celine Dion—who is traveling the same brand-creating journey as Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and Kate Hudson—have to offer the lifestyle brand market? We have some ideas.

–C’est Pour Toile, a curated board of Dion’s favorite decorated linens.

–White House White Market, a marketplace for white pantsuits.

–Just a website that sells fake versions of the necklace from Titanic.

–LePouf, a wedding dress retailer

–A home-design magazine with tips on how to make your abode look like an all-white Water Country USA.

–A fashion line that answers the questions “What do I wear to caress a baby hanging from the ceiling in nylons?”

–GOOP, but in French.

Can’t wait to see what she puts together!

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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