7 signs your girlfriend is more patient and understanding than you deserve

The decade in internet scamming
From Yahoo boys to Caroline Calloway, scammers were a big part of the 2010s.

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  1. She, Rebecca Lewis, has taken you, Paul Rusher, back after you left her for a blond woman you had only met over Facebook.

  2. When she discovered you had started an online relationship with this woman, Kristen, weeks after you proposed, she merely insisted you stop speaking to her.

  3. When she finally left you after seeing you had texted Kristen you loved her on WhatsApp, she was still concerned for you and wanted to be your friend. “I would ask Paul over and over again if he thought it was strange that he hadn’t met her yet, but he would just shrug it off,” Lewis told the Daily Mail.

  4. While you were still convinced you were in love with a woman you’d never met, she Googled said woman, and discovered an entire forum dedicated to her (or his, who really knows) scam. You, sir, have been catfished. 

  5. She actually comes to you with proof of this scam, which maybe you should have figured out already. “At first he didn’t believe me, but eventually he sheepishly admitted that Kristen had asked him for more than £2,000 to pay for plane tickets to visit him,” said Lewis.

  6. You try to blame Facebook (“I wish that I had never joined Facebook and I’ve deleted my account”) and you still garner sympathy.

  7. Rebecca appears to have forgiven you and trusts you enough to continue planning a wedding with you. Count your lucky stars every day for this goddess.

H/T Daily Mail / Image by Max Fleishman

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

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