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‘Such a cat thing to do’: Woman rescues injured cat—finds out it was only faking

'The gas lighting.'


Audra Schroeder


Posted on Nov 29, 2023

Cats are often called aloof or finicky, but they know how to get what they want. This week, one woman posted a sterling example of how kitties can give Oscar-worthy performances to reach their end goal.

TikToker @whiskeyrabbitart offered up a wild plot twist after posting about a longhaired street cat she’d been feeding. She thought the cat had a broken leg, so she trapped it and took it home before making a vet appointment.

@whiskeyrabbitart’s offered custom-made pillows to help cover surgery costs and recovery.

But on Wednesday, there was a turn of events. An X-ray showed the little Calico girl didn’t have a broken foot at all. A torn ligament might have caused the limping, but @whiskeyrabbitart said “she is fine.” And they named her Faker.

“We are using the remaining kitty fund to get her fixed along with her 6 friends outside,” @whiskeyrabbitart wrote in the caption. On Wednesday, the TikTok had more than 1 million views.


I still cannot say it enough thank you so much to everyone who helped along the way with this baby. She is on anti inflammatory and pain meds just in case and we are using the remaining kitty fund to get her fixed along with her 6 friends outside. But fr today felt like all the good karma coming back i was absolutely gobsmacked with the news I’m so happy she’s okay 😭🙏❤️

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Many commenters asked the obvious: Was Faker faking an injury to get herself into a warm home?

“I really thought you were gonna tell us somthing [sic] worse was wrong,” one user wrote. “The gas lighting done by this cat.”

“She was selling it lol she was ready to find a home,” another said.

Faking a limp is certainly cat behavior, and there are documented instances of this happening. But this behavior can also signal that something else is wrong or be reflective of a time when the cat did feel unwell.

Faker is also on an anti-inflammatory and pain meds now. The Daily Dot reached out to @whiskeyrabbitart for comment.

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*First Published: Nov 29, 2023, 4:37 pm CST