Mom’s post-mastectomy breastfeeding photo goes viral

cancer mother breastfeeding

Kate Murray Photography

She was forced to give birth at 36 weeks after stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis.

Two photos of an unidentified mother breastfeeding her newborn baby have gone viral, and it’s not for the usual reasons. The mother in the photo was in the midst of cancer treatment, and was miraculously able to give birth to a health baby boy.

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The woman gave birth at Gentle Birth Options, a midwife practice in Niceville, Fla. The center’s Facebook page outlines her emotional story.

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Not only are the photos a message of hope, but they’ve also inspired other women who have gone through similar ordeals to share their photos and stories.

One curious thing to note is that the Facebook page of Kate Murray Photography, the studio that produced the photos, has been taken down. The Daily Dot reached out to Gentle Birthing Options to get in touch with Kate Murray Photography, but has not yet received a response.

Photo via Kate Murray Photography/Facebook

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