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We tested out some butt selfie tips

What's the best butt angle?


Jaya Saxena


Posted on May 24, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 5:38 pm CDT

What is the point of getting new leggings if you can’t take great butt selfies?

The workout clothing company Celestial Bodiez understands the importance of a great butt selfie, which is why they include instructions for taking one in their pants. Imgur user mchammercurls uploaded the tutorial images to the photo-sharing platform, where people had a lot of punny opinions about the matter, like “Butt why?” 

So, just what is the trick to taking a good butt selfie? Let’s give Celestial Bodiez’s tips a try.

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Unfortunately, I have neither Celestial Bodiez leggings nor current access to a full-length mirror. What I do have are some $10 H&M sweatpants, a perfectly fine butt, and the bathroom mirror in a shared workspace, which shows most of my body but also leaves me open to anyone who works on this floor seeing me take butt selfies during work hours. But this is journalism, dammit.

The instruction packet gives tips for two different poses, one from the side and one from the back. The one from the side instructs you to put all your weight on the leg closest to the mirror, while taking a step back with the other leg. The position is a little awkward. It certainly shows off your butt, but it doesn’t feel like you’d just be standing that way otherwise.

via Jaya Saxena

The second pose, however, is much more natural and, in my opinion, more flattering. For this, you stand with your ass mostly facing the mirror, and pop one hip out to the side while taking a photo over your shoulder. The pants I’m wearing aren’t even the clingy kind, and yet this pose keeps my butt from being lost under loose, gray jersey.

via Jaya Saxena

Most of us over 25 didn’t grow up taking selfies. Skills like “finding your light” and “knowing your angles” elude us. It used to be the job of photographer, i.e., someone else, to mess with the lighting. But now, as our own documentarians, knowing which poses suit us best is something we must learn. 

I had tried taking butt selfies before, when I was wearing particularly flattering pants—and frankly, it was really hard! I never got the hang of it, but these tips actually worked. And there’s something nice about knowing that taking a good selfie is a matter of skill and angle, not of just having a fantastic butt to start with.

It certainly helps to have an inviting setting for your selfies, however. No matter how good your ass looks, it just doesn’t pair well with a mouthwash dispenser.

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*First Published: May 24, 2016, 2:45 pm CDT