man says buffalo wild wings didnt give him ranch tiktok

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‘You’d be p*ssed off too if you had to eat this many wings with Hidden Valley Ranch’: Customer rants about Buffalo Wild Wings messing up their order

‘Wingstop would never.’


Jack Alban


A Buffalo Wild Wings customer went viral on TikTok after posting a rant expressing his disappointment with the franchise for a recent order he placed.

TikToker Brad LaFountain (@bradlafountain) was left with two tubs of wings without any of the ranch sauce he ordered nor any cutlery to eat them with. However, the biggest issue is that the restaurant charged his card twice. It appears that instead of simply canceling the second order and refunding him his money, they gave him another 30 wings.

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He says in the viral TikTok while rifling through the bags of food from the restaurant,”You ordered thirty fucking wings from B-Dubs, they double charge your card, they give you sixty, they give you none of the fucking ranch you ordered. No fucking silverware. I’ve got sixty fucking wings here-” and then the video cuts out.

And while it’s important to take reviews from online complaint forums with a grain of salt – because people are more likely to point out a negative experience they’ve had with a business over a positive one – Buffalo Wild Wings has clocked in a 1.9 out of 5 stars on the popular review site Trust Pilot.

TikTokers who viewed Brad’s post began sharing awful experiences of their own with the popular wing chain, stating that they, too, have had their orders messed up.

“That’s like $900 worth of wings,” one user joked.

“I worked there for a year, and this is exactly how we gave you your stuff,” another viewer said.

“Wingstop would never,” one top comment read.

Others quipped that they’ve seen instances of customers who only ordered 10 wings receive an entire tub of ranch, while some said that they believe there’s been a marked dip in quality at the chain over the years.

“Another guy posted he got a tub of ranch for only 10 wings,” a user shared.

“I swear B dubs was good at one time,” another claimed.

“B-dubs always finds new and creative ways to disappoint when it comes to service!” one user agreed.

There were also a lot of other TikTokers who said that he shouldn’t be blaming the staff at the Buffalo Wild Wings location because he should’ve checked his bag before bringing his food home.

“So you didn’t check the bag before you left? that’s on you my guy,” a user accused.

In the comments section, Brad said that he didn’t even mind being double charged for the food as much as he did not receiving the ranch because he doesn’t like eating store-bought offerings.

“I wasn’t upset about getting double my order, and didn’t mind paying for it either,” he explained. “no ranch tho? keep both orders I don’t want em.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Brad via TikTok comment and Buffalo Wild Wings via email for further information.

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