How to hex Brock Turner

While many are feeling righteous anger over the Brock Turner sentencing, it’s also easy to feel helpless about it. You can sign a petition to remove the judge who sentenced him, or write an op-ed about how his father’s letter is completely inappropriate, but ultimately Brock Turner was sentenced to just six months in jail for sexual assault—now whittled down to four—and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.

Well, that’s not entirely true. We can hex him.

Tuesday night, a group of witches organized a Hexing of Brock Turner. The Facebook event (which has since been deleted) had over 600 attendees, all of whom needed only a black candle, a photo of Brock Turner, and the spell organizer Melanie Elizabeth Hexen shared with the group.

Many witches posted about amending the spell to fit their own strengths and wanting to continue to use their magic to influence the situation. Paige Vanderbeck, who hosts the Fat Feminist Witch podcast, told the Daily Dot she first found out about the group hex on pagan news site the Wild Hunt. At first, she wasn’t going to participate, but she found the things women and victims of sexual assault were posting on the Facebook event to be powerful. “Even people who weren’t witches were going to find a black candle.”

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Vanderbeck, a victim of sexual assault, saw the group hex as an opportunity to not just punish Turner, but to support other victims. “The victim didn’t get justice, neither did I and neither did a ton of other women and men, and there’s so little you can do to let them know you’re thinking of them and you believe them and that you’re behind them.”

So, just how do go about hexing Brock Turner? According to Vanderbeck, “Magic is ALL ABOUT focus and intention.” The spell on the Facebook page called for the three aforementioned objects, with Hexen posting the following as language to use:

Brock Allen Turner, we hex you.

You will be impotent.

You will know constant pain of pine needles in your guts.

Food will bring you no sustenance.

In water, your lungs will fail you.

Sleep will only bring nightmares.

Shame will be your mantle.

You will meet justice.

My witchcraft is strong. Our witchcraft is powerful. The spell will work. So Mote it be.

Vanderbeck says you don’t even need the props; ”if you have a clear intention—like rendering him impotent—just focus on that and send it out.” Also, if hexing isn’t quite your style, magic can be used to sent support and healing to the victim, or any victim of abuse. 

“That last little bit in the letter [the victim read to the court] where she says she stands with all women and believes them? That’s practically a magic spell. Combine that with a white or green or pink candle (something healing and loving), and you’ve got yourself enough to make some magic.”

So, who wants to go candle shopping?

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena

Jaya Saxena is a lifestyle writer and editor whose work focuses primarily on women's issues and web culture. Her writing has appeared in GQ, ELLE, the Toast, the New Yorker, Tthe Hairpin, BuzzFeed, Racked, Eater, Catapult, and others. She is the co-author of 'Dad Magazine,' the author of 'The Book Of Lost Recipes,' and the co-author of 'Basic Witches.'