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Bride snubs husband to text friends on wedding night

She said her friends were more important.


Jaya Saxena


A couple’s wedding night can be a pretty exhausting time. You’ve just spent all day kibbutzing with your friends and family, dancing, drinking, trying not to get sucked into whatever fight Uncle Fred and Cousin Jim are about to have. It’s pretty understandable that wanting to have sex—sometimes for the first time—after all that busyness sounds draining. So we don’t blame a Saudi woman who, on her wedding night, decided to sit back and text her friends instead of entertaining her new husband.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t so happy about it. And now he’s filing for divorce.

According to Gulf News, the newlyweds headed back to a hotel room after their marriage ceremony, where the bride promptly took out her phone. She also ignored her new husband’s attempts to “become more intimate,” which angered him, even though maybe she just had a stressful day and needed to chill for a second. According to a relative, “When he asked her if her friends were more important than he was, the bride answered that they were.” #FeministHero.

Apparently, divorce among newlyweds in Saudi Arabia is growing, with numbers around 50 percent, and it’s not the first time texting has been involved in the matter. However, texting can often put women in danger. Last year, a woman was sentenced to 70 lashes and fined for insulting a man over WhatsApp. Also last year in India, a man used WhatsApp to divorce his wife after just four weeks.

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