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‘They have an accountability problem’: Content creator shares a boss ‘red flag’ that many may confuse for a green flag

‘My boss told me when she hired me she doesn’t micromanage but it turns out that she just doesn’t manage at all.’


Mikael Thalen


A TikTok user has gone viral after detailing what she says is a major red flag given off by bosses in the workplace.

The footage, uploaded by self-described “spicy millennial entrepreneur” Amber Lord, goes over one toxic trait among employers that she feels is often misconstrued as a green flag.

“Do you feel special at work like your boss doesn’t have to check on you all the time and so you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m trusted. I’m doing a good job. Like they know I’m a grown up and I got this,’” Lord says. “Be aware that sometimes that’s actually a really big red flag.”

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Lord, whose video has already been seen more than 306,000 times, goes on to argue that bosses, regardless of how an employee is performing, should always check in with workers.

“We can always improve and there’s always something to give us feedback on so if they’re not doing that with you and not making the time to check in with you and sit down with you, they have an accountability problem,” Lord adds. “You may notice that these same types of bosses also don’t hold people accountable for things that they should be.”

The video appears to have struck a chord, causing countless commenters to weigh in on Lord’s analysis.

“My boss told me when she hired me she doesn’t micromanage but it turns out that she just doesn’t manage at all,” one user wrote.

“You are spot on! I have this very issue with my manager,” another added. “I keep telling people she is so detached!!!!”

But others said that they preferred a disengaged boss so that they could be left alone.

“I like being left alone. I’ll produce the best work possible,” one TikToker stated. “But tell if I’m doing something wrong so I can fix it. But leave me alone after lol.”

“Eh, I’m still fine with this,” a separate commenter added. “As long as they leave me alone.”

Lord noted later in the comments that she hadn’t come to the conclusion until after getting into a leadership position herself.

Numerous users also warned, however, that some bosses could check in so often that it would become an issue.

“Okay but at what point does ‘checking in’ become bad because my boss can’t go like 10 mins without bugging me,” another commenter wrote.

“Look my anxiety loves it…. so I’ll let my manager forget about me sometimes… it means I’m not stressed so I’ll take that over a micromanager,” one user remarked.

Lord, whose videos offering workplace tips have earned her more than 44,000 followers to date, says she plans to produce more content regarding red flags that look green.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lord over email to inquire about the video.

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