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A happy little Bob Ross painting goes up on eBay

The Internet's favorite painter, now accessible on eBay.


Michelle Jaworski


Posted on Oct 7, 2013   Updated on Jun 1, 2021, 4:48 am CDT

A happy little painting is now up for bid on eBay.

Soft-spoken painter Bob Ross once estimated that he’d made over 30,000 paintings in his lifetime—with about 1,200 alone created for his PBS show The Joy of Painting. Some ended up at PBS stations, some were donated to charity, and others were auctioned off for a high price. But now, although Ross is no longer with us, one of his paintings is accessible to the rest of us.

The piece is called “Oval Reflection,” and according to the seller, the signed painting is a very rare, authentic wet on wet, oil painting of one of Ross’s most iconic subjects: a landscape portrait.

“Not just anyone can capture the essence of desolate nature in such a poetic way like Ross does with his paint brush and pallet [sic] knife,” the auction description read. “It is a true testament to his greatness that with contrasting color, texture and detail, Ross can convey a scene much deeper than the thickness of this painting.”

Ross might be the Internet’s favorite painter. He’s been Photoshopped by Fark and SomethingAwful, remixed by Symphony of Science, and even has a dedicated Know Your Meme page. 

Will the Internet’s love of Ross, combined with some ‘90s nostalgia—Ross passed away in 1995—help drive the painting’s price up?

If that doesn’t do the trick, maybe this added bonus will: The auction includes a second painting by Ross’s son, Steve. It’s a wet on wet oil painting titled “Mountain Glow,” done in a style very similar to his father’s.

If you can top a bid of $8,495 (plus $135 shipping), you can own these Bob and Steve Ross originals. With less than a day left until the auction ends and only one offer so far, there’s still time to get in on Ross’s little secret before you end up in Agony City.

H/T Death and Taxes | Photo via The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross/Facebook

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*First Published: Oct 7, 2013, 3:50 pm CDT