It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day, so please adopt these overlooked furballs

Fluffy black cats

Photo via Gül Dag/Twitter

They often have the highest shelter numbers, but these black kitties are cute as hell.

If you’re a diehard animal lover, or you have a pal who volunteers at an animal shelter, you may have heard that black cats are less likely to be adopted. 

Twitter exploded with #BlackCatAppreciationDay tweets on Wednesday urging folks to consider a black furball for their next adoption.

While research shows that black cats have higher euthanasia rates, they’re actually just as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors. Research by Dr. Emily Weiss, published by the ASPCA, found that the reason it appears black cats are being adopted less is that their intake numbers are higher. 

So it may be a myth that black cats are at risk, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate and adopt one anyway!

However, some haters dared to mock the hashtag.

While other jokesters made excellent points.

Others geeked out.

There were also moving posts from owners who clearly adore their babies, both living and deceased.

Clearly, black cat pride is real.

And we can’t argue. I mean look at Effie. Effie is the best.

Yes, black cat owners love their babies.

And how could they not? They are seriously cute.

They are really, really cute.

So why not adopt one? Or two?

Who run the world? Black cats.

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