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Science person Bill Nye and Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham went toe-to-toe last night.

Science person Bill Nye and Christian fundamentalist Ken Ham went toe-to-toe last night on the question of evolution versus creationism, and the best part about the debate—other than Nye’s bowtie anecdote and Ham’s frankly insane PowerPoint slides—was the online commentary.

Creationists may have feared the Internet would use the occasion of the Scopes Trial: Part II to mock and belittle them, and, well, they were absolutely right. Let’s roll the tape!

On the other side of the debate, Reddit—especially its image-macro-loving atheist community—had some fun.

GIF via Reddit

via Reddit

Then the r/PhotoshopBattles community found it:


Clearly, nobody came into this event willing to change their mind about the topic at hand. I’d say don’t stop believing, guys, but you know they never will.

Photo by Mystic Politics/Flickr

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