Woman shames creator for filming people without consent at a Beyoncé concert

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‘Such a violation’: Creator shamed for filming people without consent at Beyoncé concert

‘My biggest worry every time I go outside.’


Claire Waheed


A video criticizing the outfits of attendees at a Beyoncé show is sparking debate over the ethics of filming strangers in public.

User @adhdwhileblack recently stitched a TikTok and shamed the creator for filming people without their consent at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour concert in Los Angeles. 

By Thursday, the video had over 1.3 million views. 

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In the original video captioned “What people wore to the Beyoncé concert,” @camelas_day captures the outfits of multiple people without them knowing. The creator says nothing in the video, and commenters saw the behavior as invasive. 

“This is some shady sh*t going around judging people’s outfits of choice,” one user wrote. “Do better.”

Responding to one user’s comment, “5’s across the board,” @camelas_day posted a follow-up TikTok where again nothing was said, but one person’s outfit was singled out and filmed. 

One user commented, “Why do you care what other people wore to a concert? Mean girl behavior lol.”

“Stop filming people without their consent,” @adhdwhileblack says at the beginning of her stitched video explaining that regardless of the intention of filming, the action is wrong. 

“It has become far too commonplace and casual and acceptable for people to film strangers because they disapprove of what they’re doing, or whatever, and then putting it on the internet,” she says in the follow-up video.

People may argue that one loses the right to privacy in public. But the TikToker immediately squashes this stance.

“When are we going to stop using legality as our moral compass?” she says. “Lots of things are legal that shouldn’t be. Lots of things are illegal that shouldn’t be.”

The comment section rallied in support and agreed the behavior of filming unaware people has gotten out of control.

“It feels like such a violation,” one person wrote.

Some broadened the topic to discuss how concert culture has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to ticket pricing, outfits, and behavior.

“Like girl after those tickets I could NOT afford a nice outfit, just bought a t-shirt at the truck and wore it to the show,” a user added. 

Finishing out the almost 2-minute video, the creator suggests, “If you’re so desperate to talk about strangers in public, put it in the group chat. We all do it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @adhdwhileblack for comments via email.

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