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‘This is why I’m not loyal to no company’: Worker who ‘bent over backwards’ for job cries after getting fired without explanation, sparking debate

‘This is why I never give a job a two-weeks’ notice.’


Natasha Dubash


A TikToker uploaded footage of themselves crying in their car moments after they were fired from their job without explanation. 

In the caption, Shelby (@j3winthechamber) wrote: “This is the third job I’ve bent over backwards for and let them treat me like shit only to get fired over it.”

The clip begins with Shelby in their car explaining that their shift for the day began at 4 o’clock and that “I walk in, I clock in, and my manager’s like ‘Hey, Shelby, do you have a second to talk?’”

@j3winthechamber this is the third job ive bent over backwards for and let them treat me like shit only to get fired for it. #fyp #foryou #jobless ♬ original sound –

The ex-employee says they went into their manager’s office, where he proceeded to tell them: “I think we should part ways.” Shelby says they were taken aback by this and asked their supervisor if there was something they did to warrant the sudden firing. The manager allegedly did not give Shelby a straight answer, even after they say they reiterated the question and asked pointedly, “What did I do?”

Not only did this manager allegedly fire Shelby out of nowhere, they say he wouldn’t let them finish out the week on the job or even their shift that day. “So I’m gonna go fucking cry now and then eat my feelings,” Shelby tells their viewers before the video ends.

Many viewers expressed sympathy for the TikToker in the comments. “I’m sorry. That was tough and wrong. But a new door has opened and something good will come,” one person encouragingly said. 

Another person who said they went through a similar experience of being fired said, “Oh sweetie. I lived my job 24/7 100+ [hours per week]..& I was heartbroken for months when they let me go but looking back now, it was a BLESSING…”

Yet another user told the TikToker to save their tears over being fired, saying, “Shelby don’t waste your time crying about job that won’t spend the time on you. You’re better than them.”

But not everyone took Shelby’s story at face value. One person commented, “3 sides to a story. Yours, theirs, and the truth. Can we hear from your employer please?”

“3 times makes it seem like something you’re doing wrong. Not the employers,” said another viewer, referring to Shelby’s caption that claims this was the third job they’ve been fired from after going above and beyond for their employer. “I rarely see people get fired. Usually they quit.”

Many viewers sent Shelby helpful tips for steps anyone should take after being fired from their job. One person said that the employer “has to give you a legit reason or you can sue the company!” Unfortunately, as Shelby noted in their response to the comment, that isn’t the case in North Carolina, where the TikToker is based, as the state uses employment-at-will laws. “Not in NC,” they said. “You can get fired for any or no reason at all.”

“This is why I never give a job a two week notice. Cause they don’t give two week notices when they fire you,” said one user, pointing out the hypocrisy of companies expecting to be given advance notice when a worker plans to leave job but apparently see no need to do the same for their workers. Unfortunately, according to the Wall Street Journal, there are no laws that prevent an employer from firing a worker for any reason, without notice, even though some scholars are pushing for measures to give workers protections from sudden termination.

“And this is why I’m not loyal to no company. They will not care if you need the money they will get rid of you with no warning,” said another person.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shelby via TikTok comment.

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