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‘When your coworker wants to beef mid-shift’: Barista shares viral video of altercation between her and co-worker, sparking debate

‘It’s the passive aggressive for me.’


Charlotte Colombo


Recently on TikTok, more and more baristas are taking to the app to share the ups and downs of their professions. One such user is bhadbharista (@jorlala), a barista who recently went viral after an interaction between her and her co-worker amassed 1.7 million views on the app.

@jorlala my corworker from hell. imagine clocking on with this much ATTITUDE !!!!?? so many stories… #barista #drama #messytiktok ♬ original sound – bhadbharista

In the video, the TikToker films herself and a co-worker goofing off before another co-worker off-screen accuses her of leaving a note.

“Did you leave a note?” the off-camera voice asks. The first co-worker and the TikToker appear confused, asking “What?” before the off-camera co-worker repeats: “Did you leave me a note on the yellow paper saying I can’t close anymore?”

A confused bhadbharista repeats that she doesn’t know what the off-camera co-worker is talking about, and adds that she thought someone else was closing up. This leads to the off-camera co-worker repeating, “I can’t close?” and the two then appear to raise their voices and become inaudible before the footage cuts out.

Accompanying the TikTok is an on-screen text that reads, “When your coworker wants to beef mid-shift.” In the video’s caption, the creator adds, “My corworker [sic] from hell. Imagine clocking on with this much ATTITUDE !!!!??”

In the comments section, other users seemed confused about the source of the disagreement.

“I mean the note only sounds like a reasonable reminder,” one comment read.

“That escalated quickly,” a second added.

Several other commenters compared the experience to their own co-worker interactions in coffee shops, with one commenter describing their old workplace as a “mean girl hellfest.”

The user did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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