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Watch this kid parody Lorde in this insane bar mitzvah invitation video

Brody Criz isn’t yet a man, but he’s already THE man.


Marisa Kabas


Brody Criz is a 13-year-old kid from Chicago, Ill., who is about to become a man in the eyes of the Jewish community. But in our eyes, he just became the biggest BAMF this side of the Dead Sea.

In lieu of a boring paper bar mitzvah invitation, Criz created a music video parodying all of today’s greats: Lorde, Robin Thicke, John Legend and Pharrell. He donned wigs, he danced, he bared it all.

Criz’s parents pulled out all the stops to help him, recruiting his adorable little sister and his visibly pissed-off brother and filming in either a new home or a house they broke into for this video.

Make sure you wait until the end. That’s when the real mishegas kicks off.

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We have to give credit to his parents for helping him fulfill this extremely unique dream. He might look back on this and laugh. He might look back on it and cry. Either way, it will haunt our dreams forever.

H/T BuzzFeed | Screengrab via XPressVideoPro/YouTube

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