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‘They leave me with a dime for a tip’: Applebee’s worker says she got fired after complaining about customer on Facebook

'What I wanna know is how the mom found your Facebook post?'


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Posted on Jan 30, 2023

A former Applebee’s worker (@evilherbivorre) has gone viral on TikTok after recounting their experience of getting fired from their first job—due to a post on Facebook.

The worker, who had been at the restaurant for three years, was reportedly never written up and had a spotless record. However, she says a particularly difficult Sunday led to their eventual firing.

@evilherbivorre Replying to @nvmitsbethany I have more crazy stories about when I was a server/bartender if y’all wanna hear! 🍎🐝 #storytime #howigotfired #server #waitress #bartender #serverstorytime #serviceindustry #serviceindustryproblems ♬ original sound – Stash

“It was a particularly busy Sunday, right, and I got moved from first cut to closer. Then these two people come in with their babies… They start off with just a bad attitude, right off the bat,” she recalls.

The TikToker says the guests were mother and daughter, and one of them was a server at a nearby IHOP, which @evilherbivorre deduced from the customer’s uniform. She claims they were extremely cold to her, returning their food twice and making a mess with their children.

However, the situation escalated when the TikToker made a mistake while returning their change.

“I’m bad at math… So instead of like telling me, ‘hey I think you’re like a little bit off with your change,’ they leave me with a dime for the tip,” she explains in the clip.

Later that night, she ended up venting on Facebook about the difficult interaction with the two customers. The mother, who happened to see the post, then reportedly left a long comment, telling her she was going to be in trouble and calling her a “spoiled little bitch.” 

According to @evilherbivorre, she was fired the next day.

“They tell me that the IHOP mom reported me to HR and sent a screenshot of my post, and it’s against policy, and the higher-ups want to get rid of me,” she says. “Which, Applebees, you’re a failing corporation, you should probably keep the employees that actually cared about their job.”

Despite feeling that she deserved to be reprimanded for her Facebook post, the TikToker believes that getting fired was unjustified. “I put in all my time and effort. I would take open to close, doubles, I would do anything these freaking people asked me to do,” she states in the video.

However, the TikToker shared one final twist at the end of the story, claiming she returned the favor.

“I’ve never like flipped out like that in my life and I just was like, if I’m going down, you’re going down,” @evilherbivorre says, regarding the customers who led her to lose her job. “I marched over to IHOP because we shared the same parking lot. I told the manager everything that happened, showed him the post, showed him the comment. Told them about my experience serving this person in uniform. From what I know, homegirl got fired.”

The story, which was posted on Jan. 26 in two parts, amassed a combined 446,000 views in total on TikTok. 

In the comments section, users criticized both Applebee’s and the IHOP server.

“What I wanna know is how the mom found your Facebook post?? It’s giving stalker,” one commenter said.

“I like to call it apple fleas,” a second added.

“The servers mom HAD to have gone out of her way to find your FB post and that’s honestly so embarrassing for her,” a third remarked.

“Not all workers have solidarity,” an additional commenter added.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @evilherbivorre via Instagram direct message and to Applebee’s via press email.

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*First Published: Jan 30, 2023, 2:40 pm CST