Apple time capsule with $15 price tag sticker on bottom right (l) man speaking (c) finger pointing to 'Don's' computer on monitor screen (r)


‘I have Don’s computer. I’m gonna update you guys on what I find’: Man buys Apple Time Capsule from thrift store for $15. Previous owner forgot to wipe it

‘My biggest nightmare. this is why i keep all of my old devices.’


Lauren Castro


In a viral video with over 5.3 million views, TikTok user Willhelm (@dankeunextgay) shared that he bought an Apple Time Capsule, which is a router, from a thrift store for $15. What he didn’t expect was that the last owner didn’t delete anything off of the drive. 

“I’m sorry Don that I’m going through your shit,” Willhelm says. 

@dankeunextgay this is kinds scary 😭 #fyp #mystery ♬ original sound – Willhelm🇩🇪

In the video, Willhelm connects the router to his computer and tells his followers that he will update them with what he finds. 

Users in the comments section discussed the nightmare of a stranger having their personal information. 

“FBI has entered the chat,” one user commented.

“I’m just now remembering that I donated my time capsule without deleting it,” another wrote.

“Bad idea bro for many reasons,” a third user warned.

In a second video, Willhelm updates his followers regarding what he found on the Time Capsule. He clarifies that the device has multiple backups of Don’s computer from specific dates.

“Let’s go sleuthing,” he says, clicking on the most recent folder, which is from Aug. 4, 2010.

@dankeunextgay Replying to @agoodfamilytiktok824 ♬ original sound – Willhelm🇩🇪

Among the items found were photos from the 1980s, tax and life insurance information, audit history, credit card numbers, flight information, and a bank account number. Based on all of the information he found, Willhelm says he believes Don was a business owner or a CEO who was worth millions of dollars.

The TikToker also says that Don has probably passed on and that he will likely delete Don’s information as he feels uncomfortable having it. 

“Do not donate your old technology to Goodwill,” he warns at the end of the video. “And to answer the question I know everyone is going to ask, there was porn.”

Users in the comments section shared their thoughts on Willhelm’s findings.

“This is a NIGHTMARE of mine & exactly why I hoard every electronic I’ll ever have,” one user wrote.

“‘Her bathroom.jpg’ NO THANK YOU,” another commented, referring to one of the files on the Time Capsule.

“This is making me sweat and I’m not Don,” a third user wrote.

In a third video, Willhelm says he is going to track down the family to provide them with the photos from Don’s router.

@dankeunextgay Replying to @dankeunextgay ♬ original sound – Willhelm🇩🇪

Willhelm ends the video by saying that he is going to other thrift stores in his area to see if he can find more devices with files left on their hard drives. He hopes to turn his sleuthing into a TikTok series.

The Daily Dot reached out to Willhelm via Instagram direct message.

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