traveler in plane with caption 'I FELT SOMETHING TICKLE MY LEG' (l) barefoot poking out beneath plane seat (c) foot space area of plane seating with caption 'Do you know how far you have to reach your feet to TOUCH the person in front of you!!????' (r)

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‘I’m flabbergasted’: Passenger’s bare foot touches woman’s leg under airplane seat

‘New fear unlocked.’


Sarah Kester


If you thought a screaming baby was the worst of your concerns on a flight, think again. A woman on TikTok says that a man’s bare foot reached under her airplane seat and touched her leg.

This nightmare experience was shared in a video by Tivona (@teatinz). By Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 29.7 million times. 


no way people actually do this im flabbergasted

♬ drama effect background – Not Me

In her video, Tivona is shown sitting in her seat with her mouth agape in shock. “I FELT SOMETHING TICKLE MY LEG,” the text overlay read.

She then shifted her legs to the side to reveal a man’s bare foot directly underneath her. To make matters worse, a close-up shot of the man’s feet showed that his toenails were long and slightly yellow. 

His foot was also cold, which prompted a horrified reaction from Tivona as she clasped her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. 

Tivona couldn’t believe that the man felt brazen enough to have no regard for other passengers around him. 

“Do you know how far you have to reach your feet to TOUCH the person in front of you!!????” the text overlay read as she showed the distance between her seat and the person in front of her. 

“No way people actually do this im flabbergasted,” she captioned the viral video.

In the comments, people were absolutely disgusted over this in-flight behavior. 

“That’s gotta be a crime,” this user wrote. Another added that it should be a $5,000 fine at minimum. 

“The way my mouth just dropped to the floor,” commented a third. 

The video has even caused other flyers to be wary about who sits near them on a flight. 

“New fear unlocked,” this user commented. “Bro thought he was at home,” another shared. 

Some wrote that they would’ve handled the barefoot passenger with physical retaliation.

“The way I would have stepped on them and pretended like I don’t feel crushing them toes lmao,” responded this user.

Another agreed with this tactic: “If you happened to ‘step on’ that foot, they wouldn’t really have much place to complain, would they?”

Some users took to the comments to share their own airplane horror stories.

“This happened to me yesterday & I was in shock. Dawgs out of the plane is crazy!” a woman commented.

Another story noted that parents can be the worst offenders. “A kid crawled under the seat and grabbed my ankle when i was asleep,” they wrote. “So ofc my first reaction was to stomp whatever grabbed me and the kids mom just sat there and said to stop crying.”

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