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Afghan Bruce Lee – Abbas Alizada/Facebook

Afghan Bruce Lee might be Bruce Lee incarnate

It’s not just the looks


Michelle Jaworski


Bruce Lee may no longer be with us, but his doppelganger is taking over the Internet one kick at a time.

Abbas Alizada, 20, is being called the “Afghan Bruce Lee,” and it’s not just because of his looks; he even has Lee’s trademark bowl haircut. He spends much of his time training at Darulaman Palace, which has been left destroyed over the years after decades of war. It’s a place that Alizada says “inspires” him.

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One of 10 children, he grew up poor and it looked like he couldn’t afford to attend an academy that taught the Chinese mixed martial art of Wushu due to the fees. Fortunately for him, a trainer took Alizada under his wing. He now spars with partners as part of his routine.

His Facebook page, where he already has more than 14,000 Likes, is full of inspiring quotes paired with photos of him showing off his moves. A video from June puts Lee and Alizada head to head—and the comparisons aren’t that far off.

Like Lee, he’s looking towards Hollywood one day.

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“The only news that comes from Afghanistan is about war. … I am happy that my story is a positive one,” Alizada said.

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H/T Reuters | Photo via Afghan Bruce Lee – Abbas Alizada/Facebook

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