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Here’s how to make GIFs directly on YouTube

Welcome to your new obsession.


Alex La Ferla


YouTube appears to be testing out a new GIF feature on some popular YouTube channels in a move that might truly break the Internet. Although it seems only to be available on a very limited basis at the moment, once widely rolled out, this could become everyone’s favorite YouTube feautre.

YouTube tucked away the new GIF option under the “share” button on what seems to be a very small list of channels, including the PBS Idea channel. The new feature was first spotted there by former CTO of Kickstarter Andy Baio, who jubilantly tweeted the news out to his followers. The option also seems to be available on all videos from the highly visible asapSCIENCE channel.

So, you want to know how to use it?

How To Make Your Own GIF on YouTube

It’s really easy. Just follow a few simple steps and you can GIF away to your heart’s content:

1. Go to one of the videos on the channels we mentioned, PBS Idea Channel or asapSCIENCE.

2. Click on the “Share” button below the video you selected.

3. You should see the “GIF” option come up. Click it.

4. Now you’ll see the video in a narrow band with two blue sliders on it. The portion of the video contained within the two sliders is what you can turn into your GIF. YouTube allows a max length of six seconds of video to be turned into a GIF. Drag these sliders around and find your perfect moment.

5. You can add text with an immediate preview by typing into the “Top text” and “Bottom text” fields.

6. When you’re ready, hit “Create GIF.” This will give you two links, one direct link for email and messging, the other an embed code for websites and blogs.

You’ve just created your first YouTube GIF. Congrats! 

But what would this guide be without a how-to GIF showing you how to make a GIF. 


Now YouTube, get this feature on some cat videos, stat.

Illustration by Jason Reed

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