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Vinyl record production is getting a high-tech overhaul

You’ll appreciate this the next time you’re in a record store.


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A new vinyl pressing system is finally bringing record production into the future.

Built by Vinyl Technologies, WarmTone streamlines the pressing process, utilizing sensors to regulate the pressure, temperature, and timing used to press each record. The system is reportedly more reliable and makes it easier to switch out stamper plates for each album.

For years now, relatively few new vinyl pressing plants have been built. Coupled with the resurgence in vinyl over the last decade, that’s led to backlogs and complications in production, affecting both major bands and DIY acts alike.  WarmTone could help expedite the production process. 

WarmTone adds an upgraded interface that includes touchscreens and remote connectivity to allow workers to check progress via digital devices. Currently, the only WarmTone machine up and running is housed in Dallas, Texas, but a second machine will be completed in February that will go to Toronto’s Microforum pressing plant, with more on the way.

You can watch the WarmTone machine in action here.

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