Tinder Done for You: Let the pros take over your Tinder

Do you have $375 a month to hire someone to swipe right? If so, have we found the app for you.

Tinder Done for You is a new service launched by Tinder’s original lothario Blake Jamieson. It offers you a subscription-based “dating expert” who will do your Tinder matching, romancing, and date setup; all you have to do is show up.

The business employs a set of experts and “wingwomen” who get to know the guy they’re helping and build his profile. They then flirt with the woman and set up a date.

Jamieson, president of this new venture, said, “We wanted to help men who are too busy or just don’t have the experience and skills to meet […] women.” He hopes the app will make it quicker and easier for men to meet women by solving the problem of ineffective Tinder profiles and bad one-liners.

It was created by Scott Valdez, who started Virtual Dating Assistants, which employs a team of experts of “online dating success.” In trying to exploit the mobile niche, he is “piggybacking on Blake Jamieson’s extensive Tinder expertise,” in his own words. 

Jamieson was in the news earlier this year when he found a way to game Tinder: He created his profile to suggest he’d been picked by the app as a “Match of the Day.” It resulted in a lot of matches. He’s hoping to bring these expertise to Tinder’s lovelorn masses.

Photo by Bright Adventures/Flickr (CC By 2.0)

Jack Flanagan

Jack Flanagan

Jack Flanagan is a reporter whose work focuses on science, technology, and business. His work has appeared in the Guardian, HuffPo, New Scientist, the Advocate, and the Next Web.