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Man accidentally kills himself while taking a selfie with a gun

Self portraits apparently aren’t all that safe.


Mike Wehner


Selfies are usually harmless, but occasionally, they can be deadly. That was the case for one Washington man who decided to snap a photo of himself with a firearm in hand. 

Police in Concrete, Washington, have ruled the man’s death an accident after he shot and killed himself while attempting to pose for a selfie. The man’s girlfriend told investigators that the couple had snapped several photos with the weapon throughout the day but that a bullet had accidentally been left in it during the incident. 

As strange as this tragedy may seem, it’s just one of several selfie-related deaths and injuries reported so far in 2016. The causes range from Bison attacks to drowning, but all of the incidents occurred while the victims were trying to capture a particularly striking self-portrait. 

It’s also not the first gun death to involve a selfie. In 2013, a teenage girl in Arizona accidentally killed her brother while the two posed for photos that they planned to post on Facebook. 

H/T Washington Post | Photo via daspader/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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