rolls-royce 103ex

Photo via Rolls-Royce

It’s like a spaceship with wheels.

Autonomous cars are coming, and from what we’ve seen from Google, Tesla, and others dabbling with driverless concepts, they looks pretty much like the cars we’re all accustomed to seeing. Rolls-Royce has a different approach, and it resulted in a car that looks downright mad.


The Rolls-Royce 103EX is a futuristic concept vehicle that looks like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Large, flat-bottomed fenders house extremely narrow wheels, and the entire car sits high above the ground, like it’s riding on stilts.


The windshield and roof blend together into a shiny glass dome which lifts up when the suicide doors—which flip backward instead of toward the front of the vehicle—open to welcome you in. An automated step slides out to give you a boost up into the car’s ridiculous interior.


Inside there’s no steering wheel, just a large screen covering the dashboard, and seating is handled by a single, two-person couch, complete with dainty car pillows. Passengers will presumably kick back and relax while entertainment floods the large panoramic display in front of them, but the interior of the car is otherwise very simple.

Needless to say, Rolls-Royce isn’t actually putting this crazy concept into production, but simply produced it as a design exercise and/or wild guess at what the future of autonomous luxury cars will actually look like. Still, it’s a jaw-dropping vehicle that would surely catch everyone’s eye. 

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