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Never miss your favorite band’s latest songs with Spotify’s Release Radar

The latest music-finding feature from Spotify gets it right.


Selena Larson


Spotify’s Discover Weekly, a personalized playlist dropped each Monday, makes it easy for listeners to find and follow music and artists they love or haven’t heard. Now the company is rolling out another feature to feed your obsession for new tunes.

Called Release Radar, the feature is a weekly playlist of new music from artists you follow and listen to on the regular, as well as tracks from artists you might not know, but will probably like, based on your listening tastes. Each Friday, Release Radar drops customized just for you.

I’m a fan of Spotify’s Discover Weekly, which does a great job serving up music that Spotify thinks I like based on music I listen to, and at first blush, Release Radar seems to deliver equally well. Unlike Discover Weekly’s tendency to feature similar genres, Release Radar is great mix of artists with a broad range of styles. And I had no idea some of the artists in this week’s playlist released new music recently. 


The differences in playlists could be explained by the way Spotify’s tech determines what to pull for you.

Both Discover Weekly and Release Radar are personalized playlists, but as the Verge reports, the curation is totally different. Discover Weekly focuses on your music tastes from just the last six months of listening, while Release Radar analyzes your Spotify listening history since you started using the service. The tracks that will pop up on Release Radar will be new from the last two to three weeks.

The new feature is rolling out Friday on mobile and desktop, and you can find it in the Discover section of Spotify under “New Releases for You.”

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