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Screengrab via AlanSzaboJr/YouTube


The video you’re about to see makes almost no sense at all, and really shouldn’t even be possible. It is possible, however, because RC stunt copter pilot Alan Szabo Jr. is an absolute madman.

Using his high-end stunt helicopter—which retails close to $2,000—which he has further modified, Szabo shows off the skills that have made him one of the most renowned RC stuntmen.



The helicopter itself is absolutely packed with high-tech bells and whistles, including a high-efficiency electric motor and multiple servos that allow it to perform its insane 3D maneuvers. Flying upside down, pivoting in mid air, and doing high-speed rolls in every direction are just all part of the game.

Szabo started flying helicopters in 1999, and his passion has turned into a business. He works at Align, which sells high-end RC equipment, as a test pilot to put new designs through their paces. With skills like these, it’s safe to say he has the ultimate in job security.

H/T Gizmodo

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