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QAnon’s Michael Flynn is a founding member of a new site for unvaxxed people to trade blood, sperm

4thePURE says it wants to preserve the gene pool.


Claire Goforth


Posted on May 15, 2023

Disgraced ex-General Michael Flynn is capitalizing on opposition to vaccines by promoting a one-stop shop for vaccine-free sperm, blood, breastmilk, and love.

4thePURE is billed as a community for “health-conscious individuals who have rejected the COVID-19 vaccine.” Members are promised the opportunity to find physicians, lovers, surrogates, sperm and blood donors, and jobs with fellow anti-vaxxers.

According to its terms of service, 4thePURE is run by a company called Untainted Endeavors. A company by that name is registered in Florida, where Flynn resides. Flynn is not listed as an officer of Untainted Endeavors and appears to be more of a spokesperson, an arguably logical choice given his popularity among conspiracy theorists, many of whom also oppose vaccines.

Untainted Endeavors’ registered agent didn’t immediately respond to an emailed inquiry about Flynn’s role with the company.

Promotional materials describe Flynn as a founding member of 4thePURE. In a video on the company’s website, he says that they’re currently recruiting other “founding members” with an eye toward uniting “pro-freedom communities around the nation.”

Prices to become a founding member range from $2,500 for a single membership to $25,000 for 15 lifetime memberships. 4thePURE plans to offer options for more thrifty anti-vaxxers to become “pro” members for $39.95/month or “VIP” members for $99.95/month.

In addition to bodily fluids, jobs, and dates, 4thePURE says it will provide news and health information, as well as events, seminars, and conferences “with some of the biggest experts in the world.”

The “blood bank” on 4thePURE sounds like a dating site for people who need a transfusion. In its directory, users will be able to search for donors by blood type, location, and “lifestyle.” Once a person in the market for blood finds someone suitable, they’re instructed to message the potential donor to set up a time to meet and “work out the details.”

The site claims that members are required to undergo a criminal background check and verify their social security number, but does not specify how it plans to ensure the potential father or mother of your child hasn’t received the COVID vaccine.

The liberal account Patriot Takes tweeted about Flynn’s new business venture on Sunday. The tweet inspired much mockery.

“$2,500 and you’re in like Flynn. Everybody gets a shot… at love,” wrote one.

Some joked that anti-vaxxers already have places to meet up, such as hospitals and graveyards.

Although the site doesn’t mention race or ethnicity, several suggested that its name calls to mind the racially charged term “pure blood.”

“No dog whistle there,” one person commented sarcastically. Another opined that it has “shades of eugenics.”

4thePURE says that its “endgame” includes providing a supportive community and “preserving the gene pool.”

4thePURE isn’t the first to get into the blood/sperm/hookup business for anti-vaxxers, though it appears to be the only business currently catering to the market. 4thePURE’s predecessor in the field, Unjected, is on hiatus during what it calls an “exciting transition period.”

Unjected says it plans to relaunch some time in the future.

Unjected seems to have taken note of the similarities between the two. Over the weekend, it responded to 4thePURE’s tweet with Flynn’s promotional video with the monocle and laughing emojis.

4thePURE’s full site is set to launch next month.

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*First Published: May 15, 2023, 11:29 am CDT