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What happens when you cover an iPhone in bouncy balls and drop it?

YouTube channel GizmoSlip found out.


Imad Khan


Searching for the right case for your new iPhone can be a nightmare. With so many choices, all promising unparalleled protection, it’s hard to find the right one.

But what if an iPhone case was made of bouncy balls? Totally, completely enveloped by bouncy balls? That’s what the folks at YouTube channel GizmoSlip tried to figure out:

And so they glued a bunch of bouncy balls around an iPhone and dropped it off the top of a parking garage. Sadly, the iPhone didn’t bounce—the balls exploded on impact, while the iPhone skid across the road. (The iPhone survived.) 

We can’t wait to see what GizmoSlip does next to this poor, but still functioning, iPhone.

Screengrab via GizmoSlip/YouTube

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