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Google bribes you with free storage to double-check your security settings

Everyone likes free storage space. Here’s how you can get it.


Selena Larson


There’s a lot you can do with 2GB of data. You can store 800 iPhone selfies, thousands of your favorite songs, or multiple novels’ worth of text documents.

For the next few days, Google is giving you that amount of storage for free.

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day, so Google set up the free-storage promotion to encourage people to check their security settings. By simply going through Google’s Security Checkup tool to double-check your account information and recent activity, Google will give you 2GB of free storage, on top of the 15GB that everyone automatically gets.

The free-storage offer only runs through Feb. 17, so you’ll have to run through the Security Checkup tool within the next week. But it takes less than five minutes to check off a few security boxes, and you should be regularly monitoring your account security anyway.



Once you see the green check marks, you’ll know you’ve been approved for free storage. The 2GB storage bump will make its way to your Google Drive by February 28.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is blowing Google’s free-storage deal out of the water by offering U.S. users 100GB of free OneDrive storage for two years. The offer is available for anyone who signs up for Bing Rewards, the company’s Bing search equivalent of a frequent-flyer program.

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