Facebook tests stickers in comments

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Because words are hard.

The other day I was talking to my friend on Facebook Messenger all like pusheen-eating-noodles; pusheen-wearing-a-monocle; question mark, when our private conversation spilled over into the comments section of a wall post and—get this—I had to use words. Honestly, it was horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Happily, Facebook seems to share my disdain of written language and is now actively testing stickers—its own flavor of emoji—outside of private chats and messages, the only place Pusheen is currently allowed to eat all manner of delicious snacks while she practices her mad DJ skillz. 

For a handful of users— including Owen Williams at The Next  Web, who is obviously the luckiest man alive—stickers are currently popping up as an option in the comments box, where they work just like they do in the Messenger app. Facebook usually rolls out changes to its interface after gradually testing them in different segments of its massive user base, so our fingers are crossed that stickers get tapped for a wide roll-out. 

While stickers might boost engagement on a fairly superficial level, inspiring more users to sprinkle the non-verbal delights around its platform, the quality of that kind of engagement is a bit questionable. That said, who cares? We want more Pusheen and we want it now!

H/T The Next Web | Pusheens via Pusheen.Tumblr.com

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