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Never miss a Facebook memory with On This Day

All you need to know about the nostalgic feature.


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Facebook‘s On This Day feature is a fun way to be reminded of past events. You may have seen such posts in your news feed, but did you know you can make sure you

never-ever miss an On This Day memory? 

There’s an easy way to manage your Facebook notifications to ensure you’re always reminded when there’s an event to look back on. 

Perhaps more importantly, there’s even a way to ensure you can avoid bad memories. 

On This Day 

Introduced earlier this year, On This Day brings you reminders of past posts you created, past posts you’re tagged in, life events, and anniversaries of your Facebook friendships.  

Amy-Mae Turner/Facebook

At the time of launch, Facebook explained it introduced the functionality as “people often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared on Facebook, and many have

told us that they enjoy products and features that make this easier.” 

Check out today’s date 

While Facebook may randomly throw a few memories into your news feed, you can actively look up your Facebook past (if you’re logged in) by visiting  

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you’ll see any notable moments that took place on that date in previous years. 


From the page, you can set up your notifications settings to ensure you see all of your On This Day content.  


Simply click on the Notifications button

towards the top right of your screen and select All Memories.


Your On This Day reminders are only visible to you. If you see an On This Day post you’d like to share, simply hit the Share button. 

Amy-Mae Turner/Facebook

This gives you the option to send the

post to your Timeline with an optional comment, the ability to tag friends, and/or add a location. 

You can also share on a friend’s Timeline, in a message, as well as to a group or a page.

How to avoid bad memories 

Crucially, Facebook is well aware that not all posts to the social service are happy ones. The company has built in a fail-safe filter to ensure you don’t get reminded of events, or people, you’d rather not.

Amy-Mae Turner/Facebook

If you’d like to avoid seeing past posts about a person, or around a certain date, head to and click the Preferences option at the top right of your


You can click Edit next to People to choose the names of people you don’t want to be reminded of, and it’s the same process for dates. Simply click Save after you’ve

entered your options to change your preferences. 

Photo via Melissa BARRA/Flickr (CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Max Fleishman

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