CityHome: A mechanical smart apartment you control with only hand gestures

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Same idea. Smaller space. Just as cool. 

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If you live in a tiny city apartment with no room to spare, your wildest dreams may have just come true. CityHome, a mechanical box about the size of a closet created by MIT’s Media Lab, is the innovative cube that can transform a tiny apartment into a completely function home. It can make a 200 square foot apartment feel three times as big with the flick of a wrist. If you’re thinking Harry Potter style magic, we’re on the same page.

CityHome is essentially a tricked-out hideaway bed that can expand in several variations.

It can stow a bed, dining room table, cooking surfaces, and even slide to reveal more space on either side. 



Through gestures, touch, and even voice control, each piece of the module can be ejected and replaced to meet the current needs of the space. 


And as a totally viable product that would be more afforable than the current price per sqaure foot in Boston, this magical cube could one day be yours.


Though we wonder if things might get a bit weird if you have a Kinect in the house.

H/T Fast Company Screengrab via MIT Media Lab/Youtube

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