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The iOS App Store has a whole section devoted to selfie apps

In case you couldn’t figure it out on your own. 


Kate Knibbs


The most-retweeted selfie ever was taken with a Samsung phone, and maybe Apple wants to gently remind everyone that there are a lot of options (too many options?) to get your selfie game right on an iPhone: Apple’s iOS store now has an entire section specifically curating a collection of apps devoted to helping users take the perfect selfies.

The section is called “Sharing Selfies” and it contains apps like Snapchat, Frontback, and something called Selfie Cam. Justin Bieber’s selfie app is also present; altogether, there are 12 selfie-serving apps available. 

Whoever was in charge of classifying apps for this section made some questionable choices. For instance, Instagram is not included, even though it’s the most basic selfie app out there besides the actual camera app on your phone. There aren’t any silly novelty apps like Elf Yourself or Fatbooth, so apparently Apple thinks taking selfies is far more serious business than it is. And there are several apps available in the iTunes store with the word selfie in the name, like Selfie Photo Editor, that have been unfairly excluded. There’s even an app that’s literally just called Selfie, and it has good reviews. Yet it didn’t make the selfie section cut!

I realize this is an absurd thing to be upset over but if you’re going to introduce a stupid novelty app category then at least do a decent job.

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