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Anti-vaxxers are jealous King Charles gets to treat his cancer with ‘herbs and potions’

'I bet he makes a full recovery if he takes that route.'


Mikael Thalen


Posted on Feb 8, 2024

Anti-vaxxers appear to be jealous of King Charles after reports claimed that he would be using “herbs and potions” following his recent cancer diagnosis.

During an interview with the British media outlet GB News on Tuesday, royal expert Tom Bower alleged that Charles would likely forego chemotherapy treatments in favor of “natural” remedies.

“The King will not be one for chemotherapy, he has always argued against it,” Bower said. “He’s a great believer in natural herbs, potions, and things like that.”

The claim was immediately seen as evidence among vaccine skeptics that modern medicine, including the COVID-19 shot, was completely useless.

Despite cancer and COVID being totally different ailments, some users on social media appeared upset that they hadn’t been given herbs during the pandemic.

“Natural herbs for the King, but vaccines for the masses,” the user Tafara Moyo wrote.

Others went on long-winded tirades while claiming that the importance of general health was hidden from the public at the height of COVID.

“But I thought the pandemic taught us that natural herbs, sunlight, proper diet, and exercise were useless. And for-profit pharmaceutical company drugs were the only thing that could possibly keep us healthy,” the user Legendary Nobody said sarcastically. “Trust the science, remember? Is the King of England a…science denier?”

Some users predicted that Charles’ alleged stance would lead to a “full recovery,” before stating that a “parasite cleanse” would somehow remove the cancer.

“I bet he makes a full recovery if he takes that route,” the user Thoughts & Doodles said. ‘Reduce the alkalinity of your blood/body and do parasite cleanses and you’ll likely go into full remission. There’s been many people with stage 4 cancer that have made a full recovery from this.”

A user named Tara Greene, a self-described “Astrology Tarot Psychic” and “Spiritual Teacher” likewise praised a herbal approach to fighting cancer.

“The Royal Family has always used Homeopathy which is a brilliant form of healing. Also the King is very much a naturalist and the body will heal itself if allowed to and there are thousands of instances of cancer being healed with supplements, herbs, fasting and other remedies depending on the cancer,” she said. “Chemotherapy can heal but also kills.”

Although Charles has a long history of promoting homeopathic medicine, information about his cancer treatments has not been made public.

And while anti-vaxxers pondered over what potions the King would use, the vast majority of those online appeared to either mock or condemn the use of alternative medicine for treating cancer.

“In a study of 1,901,815 cancer patients, those who chose alternative medicine had a 2-fold greater risk of death compared with patients who had no alternative medicine use,” another user wrote. “And it’s probably because they refused conventional care.”

In a statement on the diagnosis, Buckingham Palace said that Charles would “postpone public-facing duties” while undergoing “regular treatments.”

“He remains wholly positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to fill public duty as soon as possible,” the statement read.

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*First Published: Feb 8, 2024, 10:51 am CST