Comfort where you want it—and in less than 140 characters. 

Now you can read your tweets when you’re sitting on your toilet seat. And we don’t mean from your smart phone, either.

Thanks to Shitter, a new startup from New York-based group the Collector’s Edition, Twitter enthusiasts can now print their Twitter histories—or the history of lists they’ve made or people they follow—on to usable rolls of toilet paper.

The cost: $35 for four printed rolls. It’s as (temporarily) clean and simple as that.

Collector’s Edition cofounder David Gillespie told the Daily Dot that the collective has been toying with the concept over for some time.

“It was an idea that we originally just thought would be funny. We had it and then walked away from it to work on other things, but we kept coming back to it because it was too funny of an idea not to do. If we didn’t do it, someone else would, and we’d hate ourselves.”

Conversation about Shitter has already reached a fever pitch on Twitter, where its been mentioned over 13,000 times in the past week, according to social media analytics tool Topsy. Most of the tweets have shown shock over the company’s existence (“Bit early for an April Fool,” wrote @gillw72) or amusement that there’s a new way to pass the time on the can.

Shitter has given Collector’s Edition a unique way to monetize Twitter without resorting to advertisement. But Gillespie was quick to dispel the notion that there’s much money to be made in custom printing personal orders of toilet paper.

“We just want to do things that make people smile,” Gillespie said. “That was the success metric for Shitter. We just want to give people a good time.”

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