Taiwanese animation explains everything you ever wanted to know about the Facebook IPO but were afraid to ask


And even if you didn’t want to know, you should watch this.

In the future, all TV news broadcasts will be replaced by these Taiwanese animated explainers. At least that’s the future of news I’m hoping for. After tackling stories as varied as bed bugs, the TSA, and A’mare Stoudemire’s fire extinguisher death-punch, Next Animation Media brings you the inevitable Facebook IPO animated masterpiece:

Sure, the video takes some journalistic liberties around the part where Zuckerberg’s pet bull starts goring innocent civilians. But it’s also very effective at explaining the market forces that led to the largest IPO for a tech company in history.

The video also highlights some of the concerns raised this week about Facebook’s struggles to grow revenue, the challenges for some companies to make money advertising on the social network, and what it means that Goldman Sachs and other investors dumped large amounts of Facebook stock on the eve of its IPO.

The video closes by suggesting Zuckerberg may be Facebook’s own worst enemy. Even though he doesn’t own a majority of Facebook, there’s little to stop him from pushing through crazy ideas against the will of investors. The animators predict Facebook’s next big move will be to develop of an assembly line of buxom clones dressed as French maids. Convincing as that prediction is, the company’s next move will probably just be to make your privacy settings even more confusing.

Photo via YouTube

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