Basse Andersen is perhaps the most nervous guy you'll ever meet.

Andersen’s coworkers have made scaring him into a game, given his wild reactions to being frightened. Andersen's friends take advantage of his nature in a way that might seem cruel, yet he puts on a brave face and is the first to laugh at himself.

In this viral video, Basse's coworkers try to get him to react to their japes. It's not difficult for them. One even scooped a camera as a prize after a clip of them scaring Andersen became a YouTube hit.

Just who is this guy?

The copyshop employee from Arendal, Norway, claims his jumpiness is genuine. He likes “humorous things and people who can think up some pranks.” His coworkers at office supply company Østereng & Benestad claim he loves the attention, but at least one YouTuber isn’t so sure that’s a good thing.

“Normally people in crisis situation develop a coping ability to handle such things,” wrote ElNekoNoir, “but in this case the psychological programming has him repeat his ‘scardy cat’ routine to be accepted and liked by his co-workers. This repeated Pavlovian training is making him less able to deal with real life crisis. This is just bullying.”

Andersen deals with his coworkers’ pranks with the most positive possible attitude, and even took it in good humor when a journalist tested his nerves. He admitted to broadcaster NRK he does enjoys being in the spotlight, though the worst part is that “I sometimes get scared of myself.”

Photo via NRK Sørlandet/YouTube