Some of YouTube's brightest upcoming stars continue to enjoy an ever-expanding audience. 
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shane dawson
What it's really like to work for a YouTube star
With the rise of YouTube as a viable career option for digital creators, much attention is focused on the talent in front of the cameras. They are, of course, the most visible components of the new wave of entertainment in the digital age. However, there’s more to these seemingly self-made celebs—specifically, the teams behind the camera.
dylan hart
Scientific Tuesdays pops, explodes and even disappears
A pair of long metal tweezers carefully places a red gummy Mario in a test tube to the strains of epic rock music... and poof!  The candy explodes into flame and smoke.You’re watching an episode of “Scientific Tuesdays,” the show hosted by cherubic Dylan Hart, that tackles such topics as candy nukes and invisibility and is filled with self-deprecating humor, references to nerdy pop culture and of course, a lot of fun in the name of science. In other words, it’s a hit.Airin...

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