YouTube right now! The best fails of 2011

12 minutes of epic pratfalls, car crashes, and self-inflicted stupidity.

In YouTube Right Now, the Daily Dot looks at videos that catch our eyes, push our buttons, and move our dials—and that you’ve just got to watch. Right now!

Warning: People were seriously injured in the making of this video.

The title “Best fails of 2011” is a severe understatement for this 12-minute medley of WTF absurdity that captures the year in Internet bloopers and blown opportunities.

Horrifying yet hilarious, the video’s like a "Jackass" marathon reduced to bite-sized bits  from around the world, with literally hundreds of groin shots, car accidents, and assorted failures caught on smartphones and surveillance cameras. Think of it as a NSFW-version of "America’s Home Videos," without the lazy commentary from Bob Saget.

YouTubers have flagged the video as testing the boundaries of YouTube’s community guidelines, so you know it's edgy. The video has already garnered more than 350,000 views since TwisterNederland8 uploaded it yesterday, thanks in no small part to a plug on the Daily What.

There are so many epic fails that YouTubers have been time-stamping their favorite moments in the comment section.  

9:08 bloody awesome scream” posted mr2ange . “[I] love how the second yelp is even more high pitched and urgent than the first one.”

Watch it, then pick your own failest moment:

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