A bored voiceover actor, Walker Roach, gives redditors an idea of what it would be like to have someone narrating their lives.

When you join social news site Reddit, you don’t really get that many extra perks. Sure, you can upvote, downvote, and comment. But that’s about it.

Except, that is, when a professional voice actor signs on and offers to record whatever you want. For free.

That’s what happened for a few lucky redditors Tuesday. Walker Roach, a voice actor based in Los Angeles, found he had a little time on his hands. So he posted a simple query to the site’s question and answer section, IAmA (“I Am A”).

“I thought it would be fun to record some stuff,” Roach wrote. “So if you have any personal (non-commercial) things you'd like recorded feel free to post your script and any direction you might have for me.”

On some sites, these probably would have been mundane requests—happy birthday wishes, boring voicemail messages, or other banalities.

But this is Reddit. These scripts ranged from bacon, to princesses, to Italian mobsters.

As of this morning, Roach had recorded 13 individual messages.

We couldn’t resist -- we compiled the top five below.


From redditor JohnoTheFoolish:

* dramatic action movie trailer voice *
"In a world."
"Where one man can't answer his phone."
"The only thing... you can do."
* light-hearted summer comedy movie trailer voice
"Is leave a message"
"This summer.
"Neil Johnston."
"Is not at home."

Walker Roach’s response:

NJ VO by Voice Walker

From redditor BiggityBates:

How about this... In the creepiest voice you can come up with..
"Bananas... Natures deadliest fruit... Just when you think there isn't one near by, it will find a way to sneak into your peanut butter and jelly sandwich... Oh yeah... Look behind you..."

Walker Roach’s response:

Bananas by Voice Walker

From redditor sanssomnia72:

Request 1: "LEVEL 3 BONER!" (If you could voice it in the style you would generally hear a video game quickly announce a reward/achievement, that would be absolutely perfect)

Request 2: "In an age when a simple text would suffice, one person stood up and said 'Not Today, Bro.' pause One man. One Phone. Seven Digits. No answer. pause Leave a message, bitch." (If you could voice it in the movie preview type of tone, that would be awesome)

Walker Roach’s response:

Sanssomnia by Voice Walker

From redditor yeahwellokay:

"I am a pretty, pretty princess."

Walker Roach’s response:

Pretty princess by Voice Walker

From redditor Pickman:

In a new yorker/italian mobster wiseguy joe pesce kinda voice:

"Hey you know how to make these, uh, these -smart- phones stop recordin'? That wiseass had it in his pocket when we rolled 'im. 'ey, forgettaboudit, I got this covered..."

"What kinda name is DeCou anyway?" (Pronounced Dee-coo)

I have great plans for an awesome voicemail.

Walker Roach’s response:
Pickman by Voice Walker

Photo by michaelrhys

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