7-foot actor Olivier Richters buys groceries as a 'Lord of the Rings' orc

Uruk-hai grocery store video
Heads up.

The Lord of the Rings species Uruk-hai isn't restricted to Middle Earth. Like any other orc, they too need to eat—and thus visit the grocery store.

Actor Olivier Richters, who clocks in at an impressive 7 feet tall, recently donned a terrifying Uruk-hai costume and visited his local supermarket. Thankfully for us, he documented this experience on YouTube. There, he wandered the aisle in search of enemy blood and eggs, terrorizing and amusing his fellow shoppers in the process.

We can only hope that the next video will reverse this process and show a suburban grocery shopper wandering aimlessly around Mordor.

Screengrab via Olivier Richters/YouTube

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