The 8 worst Hanukkah fails

hanukkah ham
If you really have no idea what Jews celebrate in December, it's best not to brag about it on Twitter.

Happy Hanukkah, everyone! Nearly 2,200 years ago, Judah Maccabee revolted against the Seleucid Empire, reclaimed a holy temple, and lit it for eight days with one day's worth of oil. Today, we celebrate by lighting the menorah—and shaming people on the Internet who just don't get it.

1) Elton John fail

Don't mistake the Jewish holiday, which commemorates freedom from religious persecution in the second century B.C., with a song from The Lion King

2) Spelling fail

Don't forget how to spell it.


But if you do, just ask Bing:

3) Menorah fail

Don't run out of candles.


4) Matzoh fail

Remember that matzoh is for Passover (in April).


(Whole Foods later apologized.)

5) Kosher fail

While ham may be delicious, this is pretty insulting:


6) Stereotype fail

Don't make stupid jokes about Jews being cheap (especially on a billboard).



7) Proportion fail

At least pretend Hannukah is as important as Christmas.


8) Basic fail

Most importantly, if you really have no idea what it is Jews celebrate in December, it's best not to brag about it on Twitter:


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