New Tumblr claims "This is What a Scientist Looks Like"

Allie Wilkinson's blog aims to capture scientists in their natural habitat—outside of the classroom.

Anyone who has ever stepped inside a college laboratory knows that scientists come in all shapes and sizes. But for those who haven’t, there’s a new Tumblr blog here to help.

This Is What A Scientist Looks Like” features photos of scientists either out in the field experimenting or just enjoying life.

“There is no single clear-cut path to becoming a scientist. A scientist can come from any background,” writes creator and journalist Allie Wilkinson on the About page. “There is no rule that scientists can’t be multidimensional and can’t have fun. Help change the way the world views scientists.”

So far the week-old blog has published more than 50 photos of biologists, ecologists, and zoologists. Here’s a look at some of our favorites.

Photo from This Is What A Scientist Looks Like

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