Facebook inspires the worst song ever

facebook cult video
Here's the best reason why Facebook needs a "Dislike" feature. 

Is there a better way to thank a multibillion dollar company than a cheap-sounding song?

That’s the point of the aptly titled “Thank You Facebook (Dedicated to its FB IPO)” song. Since its posting Tuesday, nearly 1,500 people endured this GarageBand-produced melody.

It’s a crowdsourced travesty, created by a “global family of friends committed to inspiring and empowering each other via Facebook.” Imagine the “We Are the World” collaboration, but with amateurs, and like “I’m tagging you, you’re tagging me, and we’re making history me.”  

Also, listen closely for vintage dial tones!

And that video! That it had to be edited with iMovie is a treat. If you watch it on repeat, it slowly turns into a recruiting video for a Facebook-based utopian society with all those happy faces and swaying bodies.

Maybe the one lyric, “Facebook—you know you rule,” holds a deeper meeting than I thought.

Photo via YouTube

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